About Us

The Name

Creative Crew Gifts is a "before & after" (shoutout to Jeopardy fans) name consisting of Creative Crew and Crew Gifts. Creative Crew is literally who we are, a crew of creatives. Crew Gifts is the film term for the gift (usually a sweater or coffee/water bottle) that productions give to their full-time staff and crew as thank you for completing the project. We think crew members should get gifts more often. 


Why Did We Start?

Creative Crew Gifts started because we noticed that there isn’t a general store for those who love and/or work in the film and photography industries. There has been a massive boom in the different mediums and platforms where creators can display their creative passions. Still, when trying to find apparel and gear to wear on set, we have to cherry-pick a few items from various stores. Creative Crew Gifts is the solution to that problem. We are trying to grow into a full-service website. 

Production Approved

Generally, when working in a studio, it is preferred that its crew wear dark colours. There are many reasons for that:
  • The highly sensitive cameras can pick up on the reflected light from bright colors.
  • They can be distracting for the performers on-screen/stage.
  • It’s much easier to stay hidden if you are required to be in the scene but not on-screen (i.e. SPFX, props, boom ops, ADs). 

For example, not-so-hidden Mandalorian Crew member.


Credit: Lucasfilm

                     Credit: Lucasfilm

The T-Shirt

Oh, the T-Shirt. The heavenly garment that is forever in style. Always comfortable and the staple of all wardrobes. How you fold so neatly and stack so perfectly that you relieve any OCD. From your simple torso-shaped design to your soft-light fabric, we love you, T-shirt.

The Founder

Alex Thorne is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada as an Assistant Director. He has worked recently on shows like The Good Witch and The Kids in the Hall reboot. Alex started Creative Crew Gifts in 2021, but that’s not where his T-Shirt obsession began. When he was 13, Alex fed his entrepreneurial hunger by creating tie-dye-themed T-Shirts and sold them in a local gift shop. Even though profits were small, it cemented his passion for the T-Shirt. The company did not last long, but Alex continued to design shirts and hats for himself when he couldn’t find what he was looking for. Creative Crew Gifts is an accumulation of our love of film, fun tees, and functional entrepreneurship.